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Security and Human Rights Monitor The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) is a multifaceted platform that provides analysis on the work of the OSCE, as well as on security and human rights challenges stemming from the OSCE region and beyond.
31 May 2017
Guest article: Five Takeaways from the OSCE (In)Security Days in Prague
Interview with Sergey Markedonov: NATO is not Greenpeace, it is a Defense Alliance at Approaches our Borders
OSCE-wide Counter Terrorism Conference Overshadowed by Manchester Attack
Security Times
Boundaries and Rights after 2014: Helsinki at a Crossroads
2nd OSCE Gender Equality Review Conference
“OSCE, keep going!”
The Battered OSCE Is Needed More Than Ever
How to Train Human Rights Monitors in Ukraine: The ODIHR Way
Security Days: Countering fragmentation and polarization: Re-creating a climate for stability in Europe
Erdogan’s criticism of election observers is deeply troubling
Interview with Peter Neumann: The best prevention against radicalization is to create a sense of belonging to a community
Prince of Wales attends talks at the OSCE

Building Security Through Cooperation

The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) provides regular updates on topical developments relevant to the mandate of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The publications on this website are meant to stimulate dialogue and debate and / or inform readers on issues related to security and human rights.

The creation of this website was made possible through the generous financial support of the governments of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands.

The major themes include:

  • Conflict prevention
  • Human Rights
  • Minorities
  • Democracy building
  • Cooperative security
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