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Security and Human Rights Monitor The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHR Monitor) is a multifaceted platform that provides analysis on the work of the OSCE, as well as on security and human rights challenges stemming from the OSCE region and beyond.
27 June 2024
Rapidly approaching deadline: Bringing back Ukrainians deported to Russia
The War in Ukraine and its Long-Term Consequences for Security and Human Rights | Launch of the Security and Human Rights Journal Special Issue
Exclusive: 13 candidates are competing for the OSCE’s top 4 leadership posts
OSCE expert report: Arbitrary detention of Ukrainian citizens by Russia has occurred on a “massive scale”
In Memoriam: Tiemo Oostenbrink
Crisis and Opportunity for the OSCE
Ensuring children’s online safety in Kazakhstan: balancing protection from harm with rights to information access
U.S. Ambassador Michael Carpenter: OSCE should ‘unite likeminded countries’ to do ‘meaningful’ work together
Foreign Minister of Malta Ian Borg promises to ‘do whatever it takes’ to keep the OSCE ‘alive and functioning’ as he outlines 2024 OSCE priorities
CSCE’s Peace Efforts in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict during the Czechoslovak Chairmanship in 1992
Back from the brink: OSCE Ministerial Council in Skopje takes decisions on OSCE leadership
Exclusive: OSCE Permanent Council paves the way for Malta to assume the OSCE chair in 2024
Showdown in Skopje: Can We Still Cooperate?

Building Security Through Cooperation

The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) provides regular updates on topical developments relevant to the mandate of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The publications on this website are meant to stimulate dialogue and debate and / or inform readers on issues related to security and human rights.

The publication of the Security and Human Rights Monitor is made possible through the generous financial support of the governments of Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands.

The major themes include:

  • Conflict prevention
  • Human Rights
  • Minorities
  • Democracy building
  • Cooperative security
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