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Alex Halada/AFP Via Getty Images

Crisis and Opportunity for the OSCE

Walter Kemp
Journal20 March 2024
This article was published by Security and Human Rights Monitor

Reports of the OSCE’s death are an exaggeration. Without a doubt, the organization is in trouble. In the past few years, all ten principles of the Helsinki Final Act have been violated. There is war in Europe instead of cooperation. Since decisions in the OSCE are taken by consensus, the polarized geopolitical environment is making it difficult to agree on anything – from the agenda of meetings to who should hold leadership positions in OSCE institutions. No unified budget has been adopted since 2021. But the OSCE is still alive, it is one of the few remaining European security organizations where Russia and the West can talk and seek to manage relations peacefully. For that reason, it could play a key role in rebuilding the European security order when the time comes.

DOI: 10.58866/KMTL4869


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