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28 June 2021
UN human rights official: Civilians in eastern Ukraine ‘want peace’
‘If we want to defend Europe’s interests, we have to engage with Russia’
‘Stop micromanaging the Secretary General’ Thomas Greminger on his past three years in office
“We want to help the OSCE focus again on real substance and on doing its job”
Interview with UK Ambassador to the OSCE on the Moscow Mechanism
“The U.S. withdrawal from international treaties is a myth”
“The biggest fans of the OSCE have never been to Hofburg”
“Reform of Scales of Contribution is almost achieved”
“I observe a banalization and generalization of violence against the press”
“OSCE currently not able to exploit its full potential”
“We do all we can to make this stick”
“Russia should honour its commitments”
“We helped to contain the expansion of the armed conflict”