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Security and Human Rights Monitor The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHR Monitor) is a multifaceted platform that provides analysis on the work of the OSCE, as well as on security and human rights challenges stemming from the OSCE region and beyond.
14 December 2021
Dare to Change: Inspiring perspectives and key ideas for Helsinki 2025
In Memoriam Herman Schaper, Former Ambassador and SHRM Editorial Board Member
Stockholm OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting Opens Amid Growing Tensions
Killing it – not so softly? Human rights accountability and political will in the OSCE
The Need for Cooperative Security In Europe: CSDS Policy Brief
35 OSCE States ‘Reject Firmly’ Belarus’ Claims on Human Rights Situation
Towards a More Strategic Partnership: Strengthening the OSCE through Enhanced EU-OSCE Cooperation
‘I want to create informal channels of dialogue’
Comprehensive Security and Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia
How to rescue the OSCE human dimension
The Spirit of Helsinki at 50: Contemplating Commemoration
Russia blocks holding of OSCE human rights conference, diplomats say
It’s time to revive the Helsinki spirit

Building Security Through Cooperation

The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) provides regular updates on topical developments relevant to the mandate of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The publications on this website are meant to stimulate dialogue and debate and / or inform readers on issues related to security and human rights.

The publication of the Security and Human Rights Monitor is made possible through the generous financial support of the governments of Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands.

The major themes include:

  • Conflict prevention
  • Human Rights
  • Minorities
  • Democracy building
  • Cooperative security
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