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Security and Human Rights Monitor The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHR Monitor) is a multifaceted platform that provides analysis on the work of the OSCE, as well as on security and human rights challenges stemming from the OSCE region and beyond.
27 May 2022
Fate of OSCE personnel detained in separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine hangs by a thread
Options for dealing with Russia in the OSCE
Four national OSCE mission members detained in eastern Ukraine
OSCE expert report finds ‘clear patterns’ of violations of international humanitarian law by Russian forces in Ukraine
Can the OSCE Survive the Ukraine War?
Russia blocks mandate extension of OSCE monitoring mission to Ukraine
Preserving the OSCE at a Time of War
Six steps towards peace in Ukraine
Special Issue: Central Asia
Foreign Fighters, Returnees and a Resurgent Taliban
Central Asia Under Brussels’ and Moscow’s Eyes
China’s Impact on Democracy and Human Rights in Central Asia
Rival Eco-Anxieties: Legacy of Soviet Water Management in the Syr Darya Basin

Building Security Through Cooperation

The Security and Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) provides regular updates on topical developments relevant to the mandate of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The publications on this website are meant to stimulate dialogue and debate and / or inform readers on issues related to security and human rights.

The publication of the Security and Human Rights Monitor is made possible through the generous financial support of the governments of Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands.

The major themes include:

  • Conflict prevention
  • Human Rights
  • Minorities
  • Democracy building
  • Cooperative security
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