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Credit: Flickr/French Navy WO Christian Valverde

From Soft Security to Hard Security in the Black Sea Region – Does the OSCE Fit?

Hanna Shelest
Journal15 March 2022
This article was published on Brill | Nijhoff


The article analyses the security transformation in the Black Sea region through the prism of threats and approaches flux, making an additional focus on the OSCE role in the regional security affairs. It comes from the assumption that whereas security threats have been evolving, demonstrating its fluidity in terms of the soft and hard power perspective, the OSCE remained with the realm of 1975 in terms of its approaches towards the Black Sea security. The main research questions are: How has security perception changed in the Black Sea region for the last three decades? Whether the OSCE is a security actor in the Black Sea region? Can resilience-building be a smart security response to the current challenges?


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