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OSCE/Bakytzhan Arystanbek

The OSCE in Central Asia: Engagement, Presence, Problems

Pál Dunay
Journal15 March 2022
This article was published on Brill | Nijhoff


Central Asia is a region where the OSCE has been engaged for more than two decades, including with missions and field presences in all five participating states. This engagement reflects the hope that these countries will gradually align themselves with the values, principles and norms of the organization. The region, however, presents the following challenges. First, Central Asian states strictly adhere to state sovereignty and want to constrain the osce’s involvement in domestic affairs. Second, these states prioritize the organization’s economic and ecological dimension, and want to reduce the importance of its human rights dimension. Finally, the activity programmes of the remaining osce field presences in the region are subject to the approval of host governments.


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