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Controlling the Export of Digital and Emerging Technologies

Machiko Kanetake
Journal10 March 2021
This article was published on Brill | Nijhoff

Introduction to the Special Issue: Export Controls of Emerging Technologies’

Dual-use export control regulates the trade of items which serve both civilian and military purposes. Justification for imposing export controls has been furnished by the need for safeguarding regional and international security, especially the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The rationale for applying export controls has been subject to challenges, however. This Security and Human Rights special issue addresses the underlying justification for imposing export controls by focusing on their technological fronts. Scott A. Jones’ piece sheds light on the regulatory challenges that have arisen for the US’ control over so-called “emerging” technologies. Cindy Whang moves on to compare the US’ approach with that of the EU’s dual-use export control. Ben Wagner proposes a set of policy options for the design of export controls on digital technologies, so that they can serve as an effective vehicle for promoting the protection of human rights.

*Machiko Kanetake is the Guest Editor-in-Chief of the Special Issue ‘Export Controls of Emerging Technologies’, and  Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Utrecht University.


→ Machiko Kanetake: Controlling the Export of Digital and Emerging Technologies

→ Scott A. Jones: Trading Emerging Technologies: Export Controls Meet Reality

→ Cindy Whang: Trade and Emerging Technologies

→ Ben Wagner: Whose Politics? Whose Rights? Transparency, Capture and Dual-Use Exports



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