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Peculiarities of countering religious extremism by internal affairs bodies

Aziz Mukhitdinov,Anna AubakirovaOleg KhussainovTolkyn ZhabelovaNurlan Amirov
Journal03 August 2023
This article was published by Security and Human Rights Monitor

The relevance of the study is due to the significant social danger of manifestations of extremism, including religious extremism, because untimely prevention of extremist offences leads to various forms of terrorist actions, which necessitates consideration of the role of internal affairs bodies authorized to counter such a negative phenomenon. The purpose of the publication was to provide a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory framework for countering extremism and extremist acts in the Republic of Kazakhstan by internal affairs bodies.

The authors used general scientific methods of legal knowledge such as the method of analysis, method of synthesis, formal-logical method, system-structural method, and historical and comparative legal method in addressing the issues related to the topic of work. The publication examined both codified legislation (criminal, criminal procedural, criminal executive legislation) and special laws relevant to countering extremism in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which made it possible to state, in general, the appropriate level of legal regulation devoted to issues of countering extremism. A comparative legal study of the relevant norms of both post-Soviet states and some other countries (United Kingdom, Singapore, Australian Union) on the subject of work has confirmed the comprehensive approach of the Kazakh legislator to the problem of countering extremism at the national level.

DOI: 10.58866/QOWJ8175


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